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New Homes & Development

Buckenara Plumbing & Gas can provide builders and or owner builders with a full comprehensive quote for all plumbing, gas fitting and water filtration requirements.

We pride ourselves on being a family owned local plumbing and gas fitting business who gives back to the local community.

We actively look to partner with builders who can align with our core values “Preparation, Precision, Professionalism, Communication, Care & Integrity”.

On the other hand we also go out of our way to understand how we can align with builders values and way of operating so that ultimately their clients are getting the best possible outcomes and they have an outstanding plumbing and gas fitting contractor who isn’t just their to get in and get out of a project. We generally care.

Join Our Team

We believe very strongly in a “team” approach!! This means that if we can assist other trades and the builders throughout a project then we make sure we do whatever we can to assist. If this means it takes us that little bit longer or we have to assist with little things like keeping the site clean and tidy, helping put up some scaffold, lending a hand to someone struggling, altering our work to make it easier for other trades…….basically any aspect of the job we will assist wherever we can. We pride ourselves on being a good team player.

We thoroughly enjoy making new friends and building that comarardery as you do on site!!! Of course having lifelong business relationships and helping one another out is a bonus. We will never muck people around, we are upfront honest and do what we say we will do.

If you are looking for a reliable plumbing and gas fitting contractor to join your team then please feel free to reach out as we would love to sit down and discuss any projects that you have coming up.